Community Soccer


The outdoor soccer season runs from May 1st to June 27th, 2019.  Players will have one practice and one game per week, plus a Mini-FOS Tournament on June 7-9th.

Games will be played on grass fields.

Team Descriptions

Team Birth Year(s) Cost Game Days* Co-ed or Boys/Girls
Under-5 (U5) 2014 $65 Mon & Tues, possibly Friday Co-ed
Under-7 (U7) 2012 & 2013 $65 Wed & Thurs, possibly Friday Boys' & Girls' teams
Under-9 (U9) 2010 & 2011 $75 Mon & Tues, possibly Friday Boys' & Girls' teams

*Exact practice and game schedules will be determined after teams have been formed

If you have any questions about community soccer, please email our soccer coordinator, Mark Shimell: