The Saskatoon Fire Department reminds the residents of Saskatoon that low hazard fireworks can only be detonated on private property between the hours of dusk and 11:00 p.m. on Canada Day, Friday, July 1st.

Low hazard fireworks are designed for public recreational use and include some roman candles, sparklers, fountains, wheels, volcanoes, mines and snakes that travel less than 50m (160 ft) high. High hazard fireworks are designed for professionals and can only be purchased by persons holding a valid Fireworks Supervisor – Level I or Level II card issued by Natural Resources Canada.

“Even though low hazard fireworks are permitted between dusk and 11:00 p.m. on Canada Day” said Acting Fire Marshal Luc Durand, “we still want people to understand the risks associated with fireworks and exercise extreme caution.”

Before sending off your low-hazard fireworks choose your location wisely. Fireworks are only allowed on private property and cannot be detonated on any public spaces. You will need a wide clear site with no overhead obstructions and the ability to stabilize and/or secure the fireworks. For example, a roman candle needs an area of about 30m (100ft) by 30m (100ft) with room for spectators around that perimeter. To ensure stability, a roman candle needs to be buried to half its length in sand or soil or secured in racks designed for that purpose. Keep in mind that you are responsible for any debris that may land on your spectators or another person’s property.

Carefully read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions on the fireworks.

After dusk, when you are ready to fire, make sure that it is not windy, that everyone under 18 is supervised by an adult and that you always carefully light the fuse at its tip. Other than sparklers, never light or hold a lit firework in your hand.

Wait at least 30 minutes before beginning the clean-up process. At that time, it is a good idea to dispose of used fireworks and debris in a pail of water. Never try to relight or fix the fuse on fireworks that didn’t go off.

Always be extremely careful when shooting fireworks. Their debris or smoldering embers could cause injuries, property damage or even fires.

The Saskatoon Fire Department wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday. If you choose to celebrate Canada Day by sending off fireworks please follow all safety requirements and only send them off between dusk and 11:00 p.m.