As we (slowly) transition into spring weather, the Saskatoon Fire Department advises community members of considerations to make during the freeze-thaw cycle that has begun over the past month.

Many community members chose to use the City of Saskatoon’s storm water retention ponds for recreational purposes this winter. The Saskatoon Fire Department tested and monitored the ice thickness at these ponds, posting signage advising of its suitability for use. As the temperature warms, the ice on these ponds has become unsuitable for winter recreational use. Fire crews will be visiting each of these ponds in the coming days to update the posted signage to read “No Skating”.

Additionally, the ice that covered sections of the South Saskatchewan River has also started to melt. The ice that covers this body of water is unpredictable and is therefore never safe for winter recreational use. Community members are asked to maintain a safe distance and never venture out onto the ice that covers sections of the South Saskatchewan River.

Community members are also reminded to keep a close watch on children and pets when visiting trails, parks, or off-leash areas that may run adjacent to the South Saskatchewan River or a storm water retention pond.

For more information regarding the Recreational Uses of Storm Water Retention Ponds policy, visit

It is advised that community members always exercise an elevated level of caution when around any large body of water.

In an emergency, call 911 immediately.