My name is Graham Dickson, I am the Executive Director of the Saskatoon SPCA. I’m writing to you, and the presidents of all Saskatoon community associations, to ask for your support. The SPCA has operated the municipal city pound for more than 40 years, and it is our hope to continue to serve the members of your community well into the future. Currently, funding received from the City for pound services covers less than half of the actual costs. For many years we have relied on the generous support of donors to cover this deficit. It is our belief that the government should fully fund the municipal pound, as it is a valuable public health and safety service. The SPCA will make a formal request to the city this month for a cost-recovery funding model for pound services. My ask of you today is to write or call your council representative and voice your support for the SPCA. 

A bit about us:Our mission is to improve the quality of life for companion animals in Saskatoon through education, adoption, and the enforcement of animal welfare legislationEvery year we help more than 3,500 animals who are lost, abandoned, homeless, or abusedSince 2015 we have reunited more than 5,000 animals with their owners and adopted out more than 12,000 animals

Without adequate funding in place, we have not been able to provide valuable programs and services that support your neighbourhood and our community as a whole. All our resources are being used to support the municipal pound. Our goal is to direct resources towards vital community programs and services. Saskatoon desperately needs support programs that keep more animals in their homes and decrease the number of animals that end up in the pound.

This includes:Pet safekeeping options for families navigating crises/emergenciesAnimal food bank servicesAffordable spay/neuter servicesAnimal training and behavioral supportTrap-neuter-release initiatives to decrease the number of stray cats in our communities

The Saskatoon SPCA provides a valuable service to you and your neighbours. As the city continues to grow, we are working hard to ensure we can continue to provide the services you need, but we need your support. Please consider making your voice heard and speak with your council representative today and support our important work. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to call me at 306-221-1815, or email me directly at executivedirector@saskatoonspca.com.
Graham DicksonExecutive DirectorSaskatoon SPCAP (306)374-7387 Ext. 109F (306)373-7912