Snow melt information

Warmer weather is in the weekend forecast and snow is expected to melt quickly into the streets and catch basins. In preparation, City crews are uncovering catch basins and thawing frozen locations that aren’t draining. Residents can help with drainage on their street by digging out covered catch basins and making a path for snowmelt to drain when safe to do so. 

Despite the record-breaking snow fall in November, there was less snow this year overall than an average year. City-wide snow removal from the November snowstorm, which included neighbourhoods, will have a big impact on preventing flooding on residential streets and sidewalks this spring.   

As we transition from winter to spring, people need to be cautious when encountering puddles. Pesky potholes can pop up as moisture gets into cracks in the road, and when they fill up with water, can cause damage for vehicles, as well as a tripping hazard. Drivers also need to pay attention to avoid splashing people on the sidewalk and at bus stops.  

What you can expect from us

  1. Our storm sewer system can easily carry the flow of snowmelt. Most ponding and flooding around catch basins are caused by ice blocking the drain.
  2. Crews are defrosting catch basins and clearing gutters to improve drainage, keeping a close eye on intersections prone to flooding. 

How you can help us

  1. Clear snow and ice from sidewalks and paths to reduce ponding and dangerous ice during the thaw/freeze cycle.  
  2. Keep snow in your yard. If you throw it on the street, it can create issues for rutting or affect drainage. 
  3. Where possible, safely clear snow, ice and debris from the catch basins in your area.  
  4. Call the Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476 if you notice water collecting that is impacting traffic, crosswalks on busy streets or private property.

Protect your property from flooding 

If the snow melts quickly, your home may be at risk of flooding, even if you haven’t flooded before. We hope that doesn’t happen, but just to be safe, please watch our video on Snowmelt and find more tips to help reduce your risk of a snowmelt flood in your home at